Here i am on leonard lopate at large, talking with leonard lopate.

I talk about keeping it together in the kitchen at the racist sandwich podcast

I chat with len edgerly about feast, our bennington mfas, amazon, and the future of groceries on the kindle chronicles. 

CUTTING THE CURD REVIEWS FEAST and talks with me about writing and living the stories in the book. LISTEN here. 

catch me on iheartradio's fearless fabulous you with melanie young chatting about feast and eating disorder recovery. Tune in. 

I'm on Christy Harrison's Food Psych podcast, chatting about eating disorders and recovery in the culinary world. Listen here

I talk with cheese Goddess Anne Saxelby on Cutting the Curd about forging a career in cheese. Check it out

Once upon a time, I co-hosted a radio show with Brian Keyser called How to Behave on the Heritage Radio Network. We talked about popes, dining out alone, and the word "dude." Giggle & groan